Armada Shipping,
your solution partner at Turkish straits and ports

Our company "Armada Shipping & Chartering " was founded in Istanbul, in the year 2006 Since then, we have been providing high quality, efficient and cost effective service at Turkey via highly exprencied knowledge of our dedicated team.

Armada Shipping&Chartering, is an excellent solution to meet the requirements of customer needs. All vessel’s operations controlled / followed 7 days 24 hrs with latest technology from our office at Istanbul in order to interfere any kind of problem on time and make solution on behalf of owner / manager / charterer according to interest.

  • WHAT WE DO ?

    As we Armada Shipping our main activities are listed herebelow;

    - Straits, Drydocking and Protective Agency Service

    - Hold Cleaning

    - Bunker Quantity Survey

    - Certified lashing/securing of project cargoes

    - Cargo Supervision, tally and draft survey

    - Certified Stevedore Damage Repairs

    - Ship Repair Services

    - Ship Brokerage within Black and Mediterranean Sea

    We guarantee the quickest, the most accurate and economic services to our valued customers in all issues with our experienced staff.


    To provide leadership and innovation in global business and community life by delivering a flexible portfolio of services built on quality, safety, honesty, vigour and a commitment to long term business relationships.



During transit passages of vessels and in all Turkish ports we provide all kinds of services. Some of these are:


- 24/7 attendance at all Turkish ports and straits

- 24 hours a day crew change including hotels

- Healthcare of crew

- Delivery of cash to master

- Delivery of packages or spare parts

- Bonded store at Dardanelles and Bosphorous

- Provisions , technical equipments

- Custom formalities

- Bunker and luboil

- Fresh water

- All kind of Repairs

- Sludge , Discharge Operation at İstanbul Roads


Armada Shipping perform to bulk carriers vessel hold cleaning service with our best cleaning chemicals and experienced staff. Hold cleaning can be conducted by a variety of methods including hydro-blasting, washing, scraping, mechanically de-scaling or blowing with compressed air. Our many years of experience in this field along with our knowledge of the cargo to be loaded allow us to determine and utilise the best and most efficient cleaning method to enable a particular vessel to pass survey and load. Our supervisors have extensive experience in preparing ship's holds for various types of dry cargo. We know the exact level of cleanliness required for each type of cargo and we strive to clean to that level only, thereby eliminating 'over cleaning' and saving ship owners time and money.


Cargo supervision service includes control of cargo operations on 24/7 basis, taking into account all delays, with purpose to prevent loading of goods not being in compliance with customer instructions or contractual specifications. Supervision of cargo operations is accompanied with DAILY REPORTS and Photo Reports. Upon completion of works we issue a FINAL REPORT.


Cargo tally verification services provide assurance that the number or quantity of goods to be shipped or received is that described in shipping documents such as the bill of lading, letter of credit, mate’s receipt, or other documents.


A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. ARMADA experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.


Bunkers still represent the biggest single cost for ship owners and operators. Ensuring that you have received the correct quantity and quality of fuel that you are paying for is vital. With our bunker fuel inspection services, you can be sure that you receive the quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels, issuing detailed bunker survey reports to confirm fuel delivery and report bunker fuel shortages.


Bunker fuel quantity and quality reports help clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes.


Any kind of stevedore damages could be repaired by our repair team.All use material and welders are IACS member class certified.


Having good relations with managements and owners of most of the Turkish shipyards, we offer best prices, terms and conditions as well as high quality and safety for drydocking, ship repair and conversion works in Turkey.


Our direct and close contacts with charterers and ship owners around the world are essential in our pursuit to find the right cargo and vessel in the right place at a competitive price.


We as ARMADA SHIPPING providing consultancy service for mega project of Turkey which is the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Construction and beside this all international clients always welcome if they have any query such as port authorities, coastal service, maritime law, shipping companies etc.


Lashing cargoes on vessels, container or trailer trucks to ensure safety of transportation against all land or sea conditions. ARMADA SHIPPING uses certified teams and equipment as per the standards for all the operations at every port, industrial zone or heavy industry area of Turkey as well as factories and production facilities. We provide survey reports and certificates upon completion of services.




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